“Because guess what? Me too.” by Anne Lamott

Sober Courage


I often struggle to find the perfect words to describe the hell and the hopelessness that I felt when I was in the midst of my alcoholic obsession, and how getting sober was the one thing that transformed my entire life to something that I have never imagined. I can still feel that gratitude, and I will never forget it. However, putting the feelings into the words “on paper” often seems quite challenging.

Then I read something, somewhere, and I feel it again, I feel like this is it! This is exactly what that feels like!

This time it was this amazing soberversary post from the writer Anne Lamott:

quote1 On July 7, 1986, 29 years ago, I woke up sick, shamed, hungover, and in deep animal confusion. I woke up this way most mornings. Why couldn’t I stop after 6 or 7 drinks? Why didn’t I have an “off” switch…

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