How Do You Replenish?

Jacqui Senn

meditation1With so many people working harder than ever, it is imperative to develop a way to replenish oneself. I am not referring to merely resting either. There is a large difference between the two. Resting means that one has rested the body enough for it to continue working. Thus once the resting is over one returns to the business of giving. The giving comes out in time, resources and energy.

The trouble with this is that most people end up running on auto-pilot. A condition that does not allow for replenishment of any kind. It merely means that the machine is still pumping the same way it always does. It is the same as being on cruise control. You are sitting behind the wheel of the car , but doing very little aside from holding onto the wheel. These days the cars will slow down by themselves when you get too…

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