Read This When You’re Feeling Lonely

Thought Catalog

So you’re lonely—arguably one of the worst possible feelings in the entire universe. You’re probably sitting alone, in the dark, wishing you were in someone’s company. But instead, you’re reading this, all by your lonesome. I know how you feel. Maybe your boyfriend decided he needed a break after all of the months you guys have spent together, or maybe the guy you liked called it quits because he needed time to figure himself out. Darling, I know exactly what you’re feeling.

You feel as though you’re going to be alone forever. You don’t feel good enough. You scroll through your Facebook feed and yet another couple you know is engaged. You open up Instagram to see hundreds of cute couples watching the fireworks together. But you sit alone in your room, listening to the fireworks outside your window, and you just feel so lonely.

It hurts so badly to…

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